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My wife Valarie our son Mike and myself are proprietors of this small family owned establishment. Mike is the general manager and the inspiration behind the name “Bar Red Beard”, you’ll know why when you come in and see him.

Mike has been in the foodservice industry for over 12 years and brings the experience and expertise that we are very comfortable with as we embark on this new chapter in our life.

My wife and I are both retired and along with Mike we have dreamed about opening our own place for years. I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio with six siblings and a very close family of aunts’ uncles and cousins. Most weekends were spent with that extended family and countless varieties of individual family recipes. I learned to cook from my mother and grandmother who were both exceptional cooks. All of our recipes are based on the skills and traditions I learned from them.

Bar Red Beard Tots

Red Beard Tots

My mother Geraldine and father Mariano established and grew our family values and taught us to be open and share with others as if they were part of our family. Our menu honors their positive influence and culinary expertise. Geraldine’s pizza by the slice is based on my mother’s recipe for homemade pizza. Mariano’s meatballs are a tribute to him and his favorite dish of spaghetti and meatballs.

Bar Red Beard Sidewinder Chips

Sidewinder Chips

All our menu items are made from scratch including the dough for our pizza, barbeque sauce for our pulled pork sandwich, the special sweet and spicy dressing for our tots and chicken salad sandwich and of course those hand rolled meatballs in wonderful red gravy. Our tots are really homemade never frozen.

The American craft beer movement most symbolizes our values of honest, local, and homemade products. We set out to build on that concept with our homemade recipes as well as present other American crafted products. We have worked hard to source all of our ingredients from American providers including our beer and wine lists that are exclusively American made. We want to share our American crafted concept in an atmosphere that is warm, welcoming and most expresses our desire to have our guests feel like they are at home.

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